Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rockwell's Diner

This afternoon I met my friend Rozz for lunch & a catch up. We were art historians in St Andrews together, but her boyfriend moved to my hometown after graduation for a job. Now, there isn't very much going on where I live, which is why my social life is severely restricted. I did, however, remember that someone had told me that they had been to a retro American diner in the Old Town. I did not believe them, but a quick google search later, there it was!

Our "Rockerbocaglory" desert.

The place was amazing; completely choc-a-bloc with vintage film memorabilia and Madame Tussauds cast offs of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. It had so much character Rozz & I were both a little overwhelmed. Where I live ain't big or fancy, so to find somewhere that had put in so much effort was rare and welcomed! My two favourite things (aside from the food) were the seating & the music!

So much good music to set the scene, proper toe-tappin' stuff that I always wish was still more readily available on the radio. As for seating, we were sat IN A FAIRGROUND WALTZER. I still haven't quite gotten over that fact. A WALTZER.

I wish I'd snapped a picture of that, but I'm sure as hell I'll be back again soon enough.

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