Thursday, 4 April 2013

Jenna & Louise go to Scandinavia: København, Malmö & Helsingør

One cold December day in 2012, Louise and I decided to take a trip to Copenhagen. What started as a joke resulted in the whole trip being booked within the following 6 hours! This is the first international trip that we've done (as opposed to our famed "daycations"), so we were more than a little bit excited!

Here are a very select few of my photographs from the trip, and I've stolen a few of Louise's pictures of me, too. Here we go!

We spent a hell of a lot of time at the Royal castles and palaces around Copenhagen. The Danes love their Royals, and we love Royal buildings: SORTED. We even saw the CROWN JEWELS!


Dome dome dome dome dome.

 On a hungover Saturday morning, we casually hopped the train to Sweden. It was a grey day, and Malmö feels a little bit dated, but it was a more than pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Malmö train station, waiting to go back to Copenhagen.

This was my favourite part of the trip. We took a 40 minute train ride up to Helsingør, home of Kronborg Castle aka HAMLET'S CASTLE. I was so stoked to go, it was the one place I insisted had to be seen. Granted, I didn't exactly have to twist Louise's arm. I'm assuming it was out of season when we went due to the amount of construction work, but it was still pretty busy with visitors.

Expert posing of Louise in order to hide scaffolding.

I really love these two juxtaposed together.

This hall was amazing. They had little holographic representations of what life would have been like in the hall, accompanied by some lovely instrumental music.

This is what is known as my "Jenna-HAPPY-IN-FRONT-OF-A-CASTLE Face."

Kenneth Branagh got a mention; I got excited.

This is just a representative snap of the Canal Tour that we took just before getting the metro back to the airport. The wind was icy cold, but it's a great way to see the city & I'm so glad we did it!

Me & Louise just before getting on the Canal Tour. 

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