Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lime Mortar Repointing with the Canal & River Trust

Yesterday's Wednesday workshop was a chance for us to get to grips with lime mortar repointing. It's likely that when I begin my career in historic building conservation that I will make the recommendation to use lime mortar on some conservation works, therefore my lecturer thought that it was a good idea for our class to get to grips with the material in a very physical way! The lovely, helpful (& extraordinarily patient) folks from the Canal & River Trust gave us a helping hand (& chisel!).

I must admit, I rather enjoyed it in the end & was particularly pleased with my own efforts. I have put the majority of the pictures behind the cut. All of them (except this first one) were taken by my lecturer, Chris O'Flaherty, and his natural camera eye! Also they'll likely be cross-posted to the course blog tomorrow.

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