Monday, 15 April 2013

Transatlantic: The Universe is Made of Tiny Stories

I had not expected my second instalment of Transatlantic to look quite like this. In fact, I had a ridiculously cutesy idea and multiple shots, but it somehow resulted in this. I have a new lens so decided to take it out with me on my walk to the shops to do some chores. I walked under this bridge that I've walked under a thousand times before & decided to snap this.

I've chosen this picture for this week's prompt, primarily due to the composition. I liked the inclusion of all of these shapes, doing their own things, relating to each other in different ways. By no means am I implying that this reinforced concrete is the universe, or that it somehow holds within it thousands of stories, but, you know... symbolism.

See the lovely Lexi's infinitely more beautiful & incredibly touching post HERE.

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