Sunday, 12 May 2013

Old Buildings, New Skills

As part of my Building Recording and Analysis module, we were required to produce a historic building record for a building over 100 years old. The first part was easy enough: produce a statement of significance for the building. I mainly looked at documentary and archive sources to try & trace the history of my chosen building so that I could write an assessment.

The second part was harder.

I was required to produce a measured survey of the building which entailed... you guess it: measuring! Measuring a building is approximately 1000x harder than you assume it would be, especially when you're working with historic buildings.

Straight lines? Squares? PAH.

It was extraordinarily lucky that the house I chose to record is also where my Uncle Tom lives. My incredibly helpful and wonderful Uncle Tom whom I think would be entitled to the dedication in my hypothetical book. He and my lovely nanna helped me to take the actual measurements whilst Aunty Mal kept me fed and watered.

It took hours. I'm almost certain it took so long because it was the first time I'd ever tried to do anything like it, but boy, it was still pretty taxing.

But that's not all.

I then had to produce architectural plan drawings of the building to include in the record. That's where things got messy. There were no requirements as to the medium of the plan; we could hand-draw or draw on paint if we wanted to, but I seized the chance to do some basic CAD training with a member of staff at university. I spent a total of about 3 hours working with him, I think, before setting about actually recording my own building.

I must admit, I was/am pretty darn proud of myself. Considering the fact that two weeks before my deadline I had no clue how to even begin doing something like this... I actually managed to produce drawings that looked... like a building Whodathunk?

They're not the best, and probably not entirely technically accurate, but I am so proud of the learning curve that I scaled in order to get to this point.

I haven't had the results back yet... we'll have to wait & see!


  1. Good job Jenna..that's one complex building

    1. Thanks, Ammar! I probably should have waited for Chris to mark it before posting it though haha.