Saturday, 31 August 2013

A shop, a chippy & a pub?

I was organising my photography file when I re-discovered these pictures of my home town. I shared one or two of them when I first took them in 2011, but in seeing them again I discovered something very important. Despite everything that is wrong with where I live, and everything I dislike about it, it still has value and historical worth.

John Bishop also sums it up perfectly.

Luckily, working with Norton Priory Museum and Gardens over the last year has given me the opportunity to explore and understand my local heritage in a new way. Sure, we had the basics explained to us at school and we would take trips around town looking at all the old buildings, but as a kid you don't realise just how much went on here. It may not be as thrilling and exciting as an episode of The Tudors, but we've been left with a legacy of interesting stories.

W.M. 1895 / J.A.E. 1940 / H.W. 1939 / D.W. 1931 / J.G. 1939

I took these pictures before I had even finished my undergraduate; the thought of pursuing post-graduate, especially in buildings conservation, hadn't crossed my mind. This place and these buildings were already significant to me, and I think I'm safe in saying that it must have had an influence on my career and life goals.

Once and a while it's important to stop and look around.

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