Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Favourites: Teddy Thompson

Teddy Thompson

Pictures by Alden Wallace for The Standard + Warby Parker.

I've had this post title stuck in my drafts for months but couldn't think of a thing to say that would appropriately express my love for Teddy Thompson. Luckily on Wednesday two new songs were released that can do all of my talking for me.

Why am I so excited about two little songs posted on soundcloud? Well, in February 2014 it will be 3 years until Teddy last released an album. I caught on to the back of the Teddy Thompson bandwagon just as his 4th studio album, A Piece of What You Need was released. I almost listened that album into extinction whilst waiting for the next one. I did that thing where you start applying lyrics to your present situations and relationships, which usually means (in my case, at least) that the person you've got it bad for is the one singing the songs, not the one you're pretending they're about. This makes even more sense for me when you consider that a good proportion of Teddy's songs are about breakups or not particularly liking the person in your life.

That's one of my favourite things about Teddy; he writes and sings songs about the sides of love you don't hear of too often. One, called What's This!?, details the utter shock and confusion of enjoying being in a steady relationship and not wanting to run away when things get serious. He's introspective and occasionally angsty, expressed by a voice that is genuinely difficult to describe. I'm not saying that as a cop-out; it genuinely is difficult. His voice has a majestic, melodic tone with an undercurrent of something gravelly and harsh. His high notes are a thing of piercing beauty.

In February 2011 when Bella hit, I was a girl beside myself. I perfectly timed a trip home from university to coincide with Teddy playing a gig in Liverpool. It was a tiny little venue with a small audience, most of whom were attending because they were fans of his parents, Richard & Linda Thompson. At that point, in my uncouth and uneducated ways, I had never heard of these guys, nor had any clue how significant their music is amongst certain circles. I felt alone and privileged in the knowledge that I was there to see him for his own merits. I was not even slightly disappointed, especially as I was rewarded with nearly 100 beautiful photographs (two of which I've shared below).

His music is foreground, not background. Teddy Thompson is the musician I listen to without haste or deliberation. He's the musician that makes me want to put on my headphones and do nothing other than experience the music.

Give the fella a go; you might be surprised with how quickly you fall in love with him (while he falls out of love with everyone else).

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