Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I know, I know.

I have been impossibly bad at blogging, and just when I was doing so well for, oooooh, all of a month last year! I am trying harder, I swear. I had hopes of keeping my blog more art historical and heritage based, but there isn't quite enough of either going on in every day life to make it sustainable. I am excited about a future blogpost where I'll get to tell you all about a project I helped research last year finally getting put into practise. It's going to be super awesome, I promise. If you like that sort of thing.
The month since my last post, admittedly, has been pretty low-key. In addition to feeling pretty under the weather for a large part of it, I've been caught up in trying my darndest to become a proper student again and get some serious research done (I'm sure you can tell how well that's going today). Amongst the hum-drum, however, I've been lucky enough to have a few small outings which have yielded some pretty photographs which I'm going to share with you. Yay!
At the very beginning of the month, I paid my first ever visit to Northern Ireland.
One of my first adventures was with this absolute beauty of a boy. Meet Buddy Lemon, the miniature Jack Russell. What a prince!
Buddy + I (& Arron) went to a place called Glenariff. It was pretty beautiful, hey.

Arron the excited waterfall penguin.

I firmly believe that this is the most perfectly picturesque photograph I've ever taken.

We spent Friday night in Belfast, which I was incredibly excited about.

Not sure about this giant ceramic fish, though.

Arron lights to pick fights with street furniture.


& another one!

From a bright & colourful palette of warmth in Northern Ireland, to a greeny-grey Aberystwyth. I really like the tones of these pictures, actually. I was there the weekend after the awful storms had ripped the shore to pieces; I was surprised there was even anything there. It seemed to be in full recovery, though, and the damage to the cultural heritage was being properly managed: SCORE.

So handsome without even trying.

After 4 years in St Andrews, I can't resist a good seascape.

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