Saturday, 22 November 2014

An Autumnal Antrim

I have been so terrible at keeping up with my blog, I admit. I prefer to use it to post photographs, rather than text-only posts, and I really haven't taken many pictures recently.

I was given the opportunity to change that at the end of October. It's taken me until now to edit and arrange them, but it's also especially nice to post them today as it marks the one year anniversary of mine & Arron's relationship.

You guessed it, I took another trip to Northern Ireland. You can hardly keep me away from the place!

We spent one day in a crisp, autumnal Belfast.

Queen's University


Belfast City Hall

Now, you may have noticed by this point that I am a little bit obsessed with domes. Knowing this, Arron suggested we take the tour of Belfast City Hall. While the tour guide was one of the most annoying men I've ever met, and his tour thoroughly rehearsed and lifeless... I do love a good dome!

It was also nice to see the council chambers (& my namesake!) The politics of other places is always interesting, but even more so when they're right on your doorstep.

City Hall looks pretty impressive by night, too.


I imagine that this place is also pretty familiar. Am I right?

Glenariff has become mine & Arron's "place". It's just such a relaxing place to be, and a pretty hefty walk, too. With or without a dog!

It was pretty darn Autumnal.

Arron occasionally likes to pretend he can use my camera.

This is me pretending that I can use my camera.

This one too, but I actually really like this one.

SOOOO handsome.

& I'm sorry about this part guys, but we are super adorable & gross.

Sorry, not sorry.

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