Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Photo-Mojo: Derby Market Hall

I recently had the startling realisation that I have lost my photo mojo.
Which seems a bit unfair to me seeing as how I didn't have a whole lot to begin with.
The thought has haunted me a bit, and spurred me to buy a pack of film to try out on some of the cameras on my analogue shelf. Unfortunately I've not figured out how to make them work yet, so that is a project yet to come.
I've dabbled with the idea of starting a new 365 (& maybe seeing it all the way through to the end this time!?) Some of the photographs I took during my first/last one are some of my favourites that I have ever taken. This will have to wait until I come home from holiday & have moved into my new flat.
In the mean time, I decided to go through some of the photographs I've been taking for work. I've sifted out all of the boring details of ceiling cracks and floor treatments, then I've photoshopped the remaining ones to my little heart's content.
To get us back on track, here are a select few from Derby Market Hall. I have to admit, it is definitely not the prettiest building in the world. It's not the most interesting building in the world, but it does have a certain charm, and you've got to start somewhere, right?

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