Friday, 30 October 2015

On an Evening in Roma

Any guesses where I ended up next?

I thought that I was equally excited for Paris and Rome... but I was wrong. Rome totally knocked it out of the park (did I get that right? Baseball doesn't really exist in my universe...) I booked myself into the Vatican whilst relaxing in Beauvais the previous evening. I managed to get all the way to my hotel without getting lost, or even losing anything... not a single marble.

There was a bit of a delay with my hotel room, but I still managed to get changed into something dramatically cooler & head off to The Vatican and Sistine Chapel.

I have culled many of my pictures from this tour in order to save your sanity. There are just too many richly detailed surfaces and artistic surprises to possibly photograph or share them all.

It's just such a beautiful space, and this was my first glimpse of St Peter's. I mean, come on! How glorious is that.

Gosh do I love taking chiaroscuro photographs of sculpture.

Another dome, just for good measure!

I am sure that there is nothing I can say about the Vatican & Sistine Chapel that has not been said before. I will say, however, that I got to stand directly beneath The Creation of Adam & look straight up at those reaching finger tips. Such ubiquitously famous images rarely live up to expectations when you see them in real life, but this one did. I was surrounded by hundreds of people but felt as though I was the only one in the room. 

I am not a religious person, and I hesitate to use this word, but there was a definite holy feeling there. Maybe that feeling is what religious experience is, not from any particular place but just an understanding that you are feeling something. For me, it was being in the Chapel, with these paintings from centuries ago, surrounded by people from all walks of life, some of whom were there to worship, others just to be. But I suppose that's one of the most magical and amazing things about art; it has the ability to transcend.

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